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Buzzing Again! (Gina Fernandes)

Hannah Koch's Fundrasing Page (Hannah Koch)

I'm participating again, for the fourth time, in GWU's Buzzing 4 Change event. At Buzzing 4 Change, participants cut or buzz their hair to be donated to Locks of Love. Participants also try to get sponsored to do so. The proceeds from sponsors go to Special Love, which provides camps, trips, and events for children with cancer and their families. All donations to B4C are tax-deductible. I would be so grateful if you would sponsor me so that I can donate through B4C for the 4th time and hopefully help to provide some great hair (in my humble opinion) and fun for kids who are so very deserving of it! Thank you so much for your support!"> 4th time Buzzing (Cutting) 4 Change! (Jessica O'Connell)