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We would love to get in touch with them.  Please fill out this form to tell us about them and them about us.

Donate whatever you are comfortable donating. The organization will accept any donation and any amount will help to make a big difference for the kids.

The money raised from this year's event is going to be donated to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. All of the money will go to the Pediatric Oncology Department and will be used to help pay for things that the children living there want or need.

Donors get the satisfaction that they supported a great cause! They will receive a thank you note, via e-mail or snail mail, shortly following the event acknowledging their tax-deductible donation.

While we ask that each participant strives to raise $25, we are going to need people to raise a lot more to reach our goal. So get out there and start fund-raising!

Buzz (buz), n., v. having one's head shaved down to a two or below. While down to a two (1/4 of an inch) counts for B4C, we are encouraging shaving to the skin to show solidarity with those who totally lose their hair as a side effect of cancer treatment.

The most publicized way to get involved is to buzz or to cut your hair, but there are actually many other opportunities to help out with the event! We want everyone to participate at their own comfort level. If you wish to participate but not lose any of your hair, you can donate directly to the organization, volunteer on the day of the event, or help with publicity.

All participants will receive a fabulous, fashionable, free Buzzing for Change give-away!

Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that manufactures wigs for children who loose their hair due to disease. More information can be found about them on their website .

We are proud to have a local salon participating by both shaving heads and cutting hair for Locks of Love.

Yes! We encourage all who are cutting or shaving their hair to recruit sponsorship. Click here for resources to help with fundraising!

There are plenty of ways your company can sponsor B4C (and plenty of great advertising opportunities as well!). Click here for more information.

If you still have a question, click here , and we will find an answer for you!

The way Buzzing for Change works is similar to a walk-a-thon (it may be helpful to think of it as a buzz-a-thon). One may decide not to cut their hair until the event, or one may set a personal goal for themselves and decide that they are not shaving their hair until they raise a certain amount of money. The possibilities are endless! The money comes from people who are willing to sponsor you to buzz or to cut your hair. A good way to get started with your fundraising is to ask your friends and family, but don't hesitate to ask your employer, professors, and other people that you know. The more sponsorship you recruit, the more money you'll raise for the kids!  Donors can donate online and we have set up resources for you to use to recruit donations.

Of course! If your hair is between 6 and 10 inches, you donate with the understanding that it will most likely be sold by Locks of Love to help offset the at-cost manufacturing of hairpieces for children who loose their hair due to disease. If your hair is less than 6 inches, you can cut just to get into the spirit of B4C!

Buzzing for Change is a one day program on a college campus where participants shave their heads or cut their hair for Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to disease. Participants are encouraged to recruit sponsorship for their acts. The event has a carnival-like atmosphere with bands playing, free food and other activities going on. See our press coverage and pictures from past events.

B4C participants are primarily college students and others associated with the university (i.e. faculty, staff, administrators, etc.). However, many community members come to participate in the event as well as individuals associated with the charity.

We shave our heads as a way of showing solidarity with those undergoing chemotherapy. It allows those who do not raise any money to still have an impact on our cause.

The Buzzing for Change Foundation (TB4CF) was formed as a nonprofit corporation in 2006 in order to promote B4C programs and provide start up funding and logistical support on campuses across the country. TB4CF is working with five schools hosting programs in the spring of 2012.

There are a variety of ways to support B4C - everything from making a donation, having your company become a corporate sponsor or becoming a participant. Click here for more information .