Essay: How to get a new hairstyle and help cancer patients at the same time

Donating hair to cancer patients: The main rules of helping

College is tough, and everybody knows it. You attend lectures, do homework, write papers, and take part in different events and meetings. Some students don't cope with the workload sending a request like "Can you do my math homework for me?" to services providing students with professional help with assignment performing. One of the biggest tasks that take much of your time is writing a paper, especially when the topic is not interesting. But what if we told you that by writing a paper you could help other people? For example, people with cancer? In this article, we will observe the ways you can get a new haircut and help people with cancer at the same time on the example of a cancer patient essay.

Writing about hair donating

Before you send a request to a writing service saying, "Can you write an essay for me?", let's try choosing a more interesting and socially important topic, like the quality of life for a cancer patient essay, and try to write it on your own. You probably know that after a series of chemotherapy, the patients with cancer lose their hair, which makes them feel miserable and not motivated to fight the disease. This problem can be solved by donating hair, which can later become a wig for a sick person to maintain a positive body image. By writing a college essay about cancer, you can:

    • Let people know that everyone can donate;
    • Describe the great need for hair for cancer patients.

Divide your paper into several sections:

1. Introduction

Here you can mention the basic info and tell the readers about the consequences of chemotherapy and the stressful effect that hair loss makes on patients. With hair, the patients lose their individuality and suffer emotionally, which makes it hard to keep fighting cancer. To raise their self-esteem, people can donate hair to be transformed into wigs;

2. Main body

This is the place for detailed information like how exactly people can help. You can provide here requirements for donating like:•Only natural hair is accepted;

• 10-12 inches long as a minimum;
• You should clean, dry and braid the hair before cutting;
• No gel, muss or hairspray should be used;
• Colored hair is accepted while bleached is not;
• Some organizations accept grey hair;
• Hair swept off the floor cannot be used;
• Put it in a plastic bag or envelope with your name and address;
• You will receive a certificate for hair donating.

Give detailed instructions, and don't forget to tell your readers why this is so important. Natural hair wigs are quite expensive and take time to be made. By donating your hair, you can help not only people with cancer but also other patients and kids with different diagnoses to make them feel better. There are many organizations responsible for hair donating where you can get more information on requirements and purposes. However, contacting patients personally is not recommended; 

3. Conclusion

Finish your essay with the key ideas from each paragraph, thus summarizing your essay. Underline the importance of hair donating and the main reasons why people should do it. Finish your essay with a solid argument or a call to action.

Hair donating is an easy way to help cancer patients feel better. You just need to take a few steps to make someone feel happier.