Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved With Clubs and Orgs. On Campus

School is back in session -- and no better time like the present to get yourself involved in your school's many clubs and organizations. Of course, Buzzing For Change is a great organization to join in college early (or anytime, really!) but there are plenty of other great groups to join.
Clubs and organizations (like B4C!) offer you a lot of knowledge and experience in just about any field of study or subject you are passionate about. Not convinced yet? Here are the top 10 reasons why students should join student clubs and organizations (ahem, be a part of Buzzing For Change if you haven't already!).

10. Extra Curricular: It's always good to have something else besides good grades to show how awesome you are. Clubs and organizations (in any field, really) look great on applications or resumes when you start thinking about the future.

9. Networking: Need more friends? Who doesn't!? Joining organizations give you the opportunity to meet and network with other people with similar interests. And we can attest that the people in B4C are pretty cool!

8. Promote Awareness : Plenty of organizations are looking for members so that they can promote awareness about a cause, belief or event. For example, Buzzing is great at helping raise awareness in order to improve the lives of children living with cancer. Don't you want to help?

7. Assistance : They give you the opportunity to give or receive assistance in classes in the fields that you study.

6. Volunteer: Of course! Its always such a great feeling to give back. Volunteer at B4C's annual events, or other fundraising events that take place in the school year.

5. Brotherhood/Sisterhood: Being a member of a club or organization automatically gives you a feeling of closeness to other members, you share something that other people are not a part of.

4. Enrichment: Being part of a student ran club or organization is an enriching experience. You owe it to yourself to at least try them out. What do you have to loose?

3. Exposure : Some clubs expose you to real life experiences in topics that interest you. Tasks you do in the club (fundraising, recruitment, advertising) are similar tasks you may learn about in class or will have to work on later in life!

2. Growth : Members in clubs/organizations will be encouraging and supportive of your personal growth.

1. Social: Of course! Clubs, like Buzzing For Change, are great places to meet great people and work together!

So there you have it. The top 10 reasons you owe it to yourself to join student clubs and organizations (hint hint like Buzzing For Change hint hint.) What are your experiences with clubs and organizations? What are your reasons? Leave a comment and let us know.