Timeline Transition

If you haven’t already checked out our facebook page (and really, what are you waiting for?) you’ve noticed, like many nonprofits and companies, that our site has been transformed to Facebook’s new setting.

While you may be apprehensive about switching to this new setting on your own profile, we’ve noticed just how much more freedom we now have to create and design a facebook page we are really proud of. We’ve been experimenting the last month or so to make our page for exciting and user-friendly, and we think we’re on the right track, but we’d love your input!

1. So what do you think of our profile cover? Like it – let us know! Or think we may have missed something from the hundreds of photos we’ve collected from our events? Check out our page, look through our past event photos and let us know if you have another suggestion!

2. What do you use our facebook page for? Event information, fundraising facts, cool links to photos for the buzz? We are always looking for links and videos that related to the B4C cause, fundraising ideas or a sounding board for stuff you’d like to share with us. So please, post and send our way!

3. What information on our page is most important to you? With the timeline feature we are now able to highlight, expand and even move important posts around so that it catches your eye. So keep us in the loop about what you want to know, and we’ll be sure to keep up with the latest B4C announcements, news and information.