B4C Philosophy

B4C @ BMC Buzzing for change aims to involve entire campus communities by maximizing participation. We want everyone to be involved with the program at their comfort level. In that spirit, we recognize that there are people who would prefer not to shave their head or cut their hair. The program aims to create opportunities for as many people as possible to be involved. Some may cut, shave, donate or volunteer, while others may perform with their band at the event and yet others may help publicize it. Whatever their involvement, everyone who does their part, however small, to help with the event, should come away with the notion that they did their part to change the world.

Buzzing for Change is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. We want people to come away from the event with the notion that human potential is infinite. While we care about children living with cancer, others may feel passionate about the environment or the state of our education system. What we hope to impart is that it is not as hard as people may think to change the world. Take your passion and transform it into something that will make an impact on your community and the world.

In the same spirit, we do our best to have all of our overhead costs covered so that 100% of the sponsorship that individuals receive can be donated to that school's chosen charity . We use funds from foundations and sponsorships that are raised specifically for overhead so that we can give as much of your donations as possible to the charities we serve.

Buzzing for Change looks to create maximum impact on the charities we partner with. We pride ourselves on the notion that the charities we work with are in line with our mission. The idea that we only support programs that improve the quality of life is key. Many foundations support research; we try to fill the gap by providing quality of life services that often do not get funded. As former B4C Foundation board member Chrissy Caggiano said when B4C @ GW was partnering with Special Love , a camp run for children with cancer: “no one feels more normal than at camp.” Let's work together to make these children feel like they are normal and let them be inspired by what we do.

Shaving one’s head is about more than just raising money. We hope that by shaving our head's we can show solidarity with those who lose their hair due to chemotherapy; we are saying to them “we are here”.

Buzzing for Change aims to do all of the above in an effort to change the world. We really believe that we are doing all of this in an effort to make the world a better place. There is an ancient Jewish saying that says “you are not obliged to complete the task, neither are you allowed to desist from it.” Each person who does something to help this event should come away from it with the knowledge that they have done a part to change the world. The impact may not be felt beyond their community, but in the big picture, they have helped to make someone’s life easier and shown others that a few people can have a tremendous impact on their community and therefore on the world.

B4C is infused with love, determination and hope because it is done in honor of those no longer with us. B4C’s founder, Judah Ferst, lost his mother to cancer in 1998, when he was 15. It is in her spirit and memory that this event and program continues on. Many participants are involved with B4C because of those they lost to cancer. We do our part to commemorate the memory of those we have lost by continuing to live life to its fullest. We do this through continuing this event and trying to connect as many people to it as we can.

Each person who participates in B4C gets involved for different reasons, but they all should leave with the knowledge that they did their part to make the world a better place.