Getting Ready!

Our first B4C events are right around the coner, and we can’t wait! So what exactly goes into planning an event of this size? While our spring events may only happen once a year, the rest of the time our hard working college team members, program advisors and board members are working tirelessly the rest of the year to continue the fundraising momentum, increase foundation awareness and get the “buzz” out about all things Buzzing4Change.
So if you were with our universities getting ready for this year’s events – where would you be in the planning process? Here are just a few things to think about:

- Three words: publicity, publicity, publicity! B4C members are talking and tabling and doing everything they can to get the word out about their event. You may be seeing even more posts of friend’s websites, facebook pages and twitter feeds spreading the word about Buzzing4Change and the upcoming event! And we are too! Check out our and our for the latest information from all of our events and programs.

- Have a professor, mentor or RA with a great head of hair? Try to get them to get
involved, raise money and participate! B4C members may even write letters to university officials and staff to encourage them to take part in the event. Who knows – maybe a favorite professor will buzz his hair if his class can reach a certain amount.

- Stop the presses! You’re getting word out to classmates and teachers – but what about the news? Our volunteers are reaching out to their school’s newspaper, TV station and local news affiliates to see if they are interested in attending this year’s event? They may not be getting their hair cut, but media attention will only promote the good work you’ve been doing these past few months.

And that’s just a snippet of what goes into planning our events each year. Sounds like a lot? It is – but when you have a great team working together at each of our schools, you know the event and program are in great hands!