To The Class of 2012

Tis the season for graduations! It's that time of year full of pomp and circumstance, family pictures, final goodbyes and those robes made of polyester that just don't breathe.

And we at B4C want to take a minute to thank our graduating seniors for all of the work they've done for the organization. Maybe you've been with us for one year or all four years of college, but your dedication, drive and desire to make a difference have made B4C what is it today.

You've done more than organize an annual event. You've also done more than cut or buzz your hair. You've helped change the lives of children with cancer, and that's more than just a great thing -- it's extraordinary and needs to be recognized.

We hope that in your time with us you've lead by example. We look forward to seeing all the work that you've put into B4C through the students who have a few more years with us. We know you're leaving your chapters in good hands.

So as you head into the real world, remember you can still be a part of Buzzing 4 Change. Donate (after you get your first paycheck, of course!) spread the world about us or come back and buzz. You're always welcomed.

Thank you again for all your time and effort.

Congrats Class of 2012!