5 Minutes to Change the World

One of the things we at The Buzzing for Change Foundation want to do is make it easy for you to help us accomplish our mission. We are asking that each of you takes 5 minutes to help us change the world. Below are simple ways for you to do this without being at an event or donating money. If you have more ideas, please let us know, and we will post them here!

Start using Good Search and raise funds for The Buzzing for Change Foundation while you search!We know it sounds too good to be true, but Good Search has created a way to benefit non-profits by taking the revenue from advertisers and directing it to us!Click here to start using Good Search today!

Tell Your StoryFor every reason we can think of for why people are involved with B4C, there are countless more. Share your story to inspire others! Click here to share, or here to see what people have already posted.

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Check out our lens!Visit our Squidoo lens to learn more about B4C. You can also post your own lens about B4C to share your perspective. Note: Our lens is still a work in progress!

Put a link to our site in your AIM profile and e-mail signature!The home page is at www.buzzing4change.org , or you can just copy this text - Have you caught the buzz?!?!

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Encourage college students you know to apply to run B4C on their campus!We are always looking for new campuses to expand to! Applications are available every spring for the following year. Click here for more information!

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