What Are You Thankful For This Year?

As the holidays approach, we here at The Buzzing for Change Foundation have many things to be thankful for. So let us count the ways:

- 5 amazing college programs across the Northeast.
- $18,000+ raised to help children living with cancer.
- Hundreds of student leaders and volunteers who help during our annual events and all year round.
- Dozens of sponsors like SuperCuts and Hair Cuttery.
- One end-of-year donation from you!

Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved With Clubs and Orgs. On Campus

School is back in session -- and no better time like the present to get yourself involved in your school's many clubs and organizations. Of course, Buzzing For Change is a great organization to join in college early (or anytime, really!) but there are plenty of other great groups to join.

Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Buzzers!

Happy "Back to School" for all the college students out there. We know you're all excited to get back to dorm life, seeing friends and going to class (yes, you should go to class most of the time). But don't forget that with classes starting up again, so does work with your school's clubs and organizations - like Buzzing For Change!

There's Still Time To Catch The Buzz!

Many college's are out for summer break, which means another great B4C season has come and gone.

But you can still make a difference! Online donations to our awesome programs end on June 1st.

Click here to donate and 100% goes to benefit children with cancer.

So what are you waiting for, catch the buzz!!

To The Class of 2012

Tis the season for graduations! It's that time of year full of pomp and circumstance, family pictures, final goodbyes and those robes made of polyester that just don't breathe.

And we at B4C want to take a minute to thank our graduating seniors for all of the work they've done for the organization. Maybe you've been with us for one year or all four years of college, but your dedication, drive and desire to make a difference have made B4C what is it today.

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Volunteers...

Interested in joining some highly motivated, passionate young people looking to make a difference for children living with cancer? You've come to the right place! The B4C Board of Directors is growing, and we are looking for a few good volunteers. Sounds appealing? Check out our job descriptions and if you're interested, please reach out!

Check That Timeline

Have you caught the buzz yet? We sure have! With just a couple of days left of planning for some of our programs, what's still on the list to do?

- Start finalizing logistics for the event. Confirm everything: barbers, food, performers, sound system, and event services. They will each play an important role in making the event a success!

Getting Ready!

Our first B4C events are right around the coner, and we can’t wait! So what exactly goes into planning an event of this size? While our spring events may only happen once a year, the rest of the time our hard working college team members, program advisors and board members are working tirelessly the rest of the year to continue the fundraising momentum, increase foundation awareness and get the “buzz” out about all things Buzzing4Change.

Timeline Transition

If you haven’t already checked out our facebook page (and really, what are you waiting for?) you’ve noticed, like many nonprofits and companies, that our site has been transformed to Facebook’s new timeline setting.